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Power of Suggestion Team (POST).

Do you have creative or innovative ideas on how FAU Libraries could improve morale, efficiency and reduce costs?  Click on this button: to submit your ideas to the FAU Libraries Power of Suggestion Team (POST)! You can now be part of the conversation by adding your comments to the POST suggestion blog.

Please note that the suggestion form and blog are password protected. If you need the username and password information, contact POST members Jerrel Horn and Dawn Smith

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* Committee Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

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* Staff Calendars - Access to the FAU Libraries Staff Calendar and the SEFLIN/FAU Libraries Meeting Room Calendar.

General Library Information for Faculty and Staff

* About the Power of Suggestion Team (POST)

* FAU Libraries Active Threat Guide

* FAU Libraries Instagram Submission Form

* Campus Library Locations

* FAU Libraries Home Page

* Boca Raton Campus Library Emergency Plans:
Hurricane Emergency Plan
Power Outage Emergency Plan
Fire Emergency Plan
Flooding Emergency Plan
Shelter in Place Emergency Plan
Emergency Evacuation Plan

* Jupiter Campus Library Emergency Plans:
Hurricane Emergency Plan

* Job Openings

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* Medical Emergency Procedure

* Mission, Vision, Values

* Strategic Plan

* Pay Period Calendars, Time Record, and Leave Forms:
      Pay Period Calendars for AMP, Faculty and SP Employees
      Pay Period Calendars for OPS Employees
      Standard Leave Form (SP, AMP and Faculty)
      Special Leave Form (SP, AMP and Faculty)
      Non-Exempt Employee Time Record (SP)

* Property Removal Requests

* Public Policy Manual

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* Staff Awards Program of the Staff & Organizational Development Committee (SODC)

* Staff Directory

* Staff Orientation Program of the Staff & Organizational Development Committee (SODC)

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* Travel Guidelines

* Travel Forms:
Travel Approval Request(TAR) Form
Library Travel Request Form

* Listserv Information

Library Information and Enagagement

* Staff Resources - Includes project instructions/timelines, FAU Libraries logos, branded letterhead, flyer templates, FAU visual standards, calendar events, work request forms and more!

Committee Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

* Faculty Committee Opportunities

* Staff Committee Opportunities

Continuing Education Opportunities

* Computer Training (OIT)

* SEFLIN Continuing Education Program

* Professional Development LibGuide

Faculty Information

* Faculty Assembly Bylaws

* Faculty Committee Opportunities

* Faculty Handbook

* Faculty Hiring Guidelines

* Librarian Annual Report of Activities

* Librarian Evaluation Form
Please Note:  When selecing the "Librarian Annual Report of Activities" or "Librarian Evaluation Form," click "Save" instead of "Open" when the "File Download" dialog box appears.  After the form is saved to your PC, a "Download complete" dialog box appears.  In this dialog box, click "Open."  This will open the form from where you saved it on your PC rather than opening the form from the Web server. By doing this, you will not be prompted to enter a user name and password when saving the completed document.

* Librarian Emeritus Policy

* Florida Atlantic University Libraries Promotion Guidelines 2017-2018

* Florida Atlantic University Non Tenure Track Promotion Guidelines Memo

* Florida Atlantic University Libraries Instructor Promotion Guidelines

University Resources

* Boca Raton Campus Map

* Campus Locations

* Campus Dining

* Campus Recreation

* Campus E-mail and Phone Directory

* Faculty & Staff Information Page (Please see the Faculty & Staff link on the homepage)

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Staff Calendars

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